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Proactive Security Concepts: Everything Under Control.

Ultra-modern security and surveillance technologies, the most advanced IT technologies, permanent geolocation of vehicles. A cleverly designed security concept makes for perfect process planning. Always being tested and always up to date with the latest technology. That’s why we can guarantee the highest degree of control from start to finish. Our security concepts are proactively refined.

LOG-IN - Security Guaranteed.

Safety First - Around the Clock and Comprehensively Planned

The entire company premises are, of course, completely fenced off. The area is subdivided into secured and high-security zones incl. 24/7 surveillance by security servicesIdentity checks and incoming control are a matter of course.Cameras, motion detectors, alarm systems – we focus on a perfect combination of man and technology.

LOG-IN - We Set Security Standards.

Satellite-Controlled Surveillance: Always in Contact

Permanently staffed internal security centre. Permanent contact with the drivers. Exact geolocation of trucks. Europe-wide monitoring of the entire fleet. Supervision of alarm systems. Our company’s security measures have been thought out in the finest detail from beginning to end.

Europe-wide alarm management by an external security centre which quickly and reliably coordinates the on-site task force in the case of emergency. Strict route planning with detection of all secure parking spaces en route is a part of the concept.

All components of the system (internal and external security centre, trucks, drivers) are in constant contact via satellite link.

The highlight of our security concept: tank-like reinforced trailers with patented lock system. You can find out more about our trucks’ security features under secure transportation.

Our drivers regularly receive trainings through external security specialists. Our security systems are being continually refined. Customized security solutions for transportation and route planning can be arranged at any time upon request.

LOG-IN - When Security Counts.


Full GPS monitoring of all vehicles
Full GPS monitoring of all vehicles

Central Security. Central Control.

As part of its integrated security concept, the LOG-IN haulage centre deals with

  • The installation of designated routes on the navigation systems
  • Disarming of security systems during loading and unloading
  • Allocation and monitoring of secure parking spaces
  • Direct contact with the drivers
  • Reporting centre for security incidents
  • Geofencing

Emergency Plans and Alarm Management for Worst Case Scenarios.

  • The external CSM centre will make an emergency call to the appropriate police / emergency services.The international alarm management starts up.
  • Initiation of further measures, e.g. request for a private security team to go to the location in question, deployment of helicopter etc.
  • At the same time the haulage company’s relevant dispatch department / management is notified.
  • The customer's security representative is informed.
  • A crisis manager is sent to the location of the incident to document proceedings and for possible damage limitation.

All processes are fully documented, continually optimised and audited at regular intervals.

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