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Custom Security Concepts for Special Values.

Valuable goods transportation, transportation of works of art or special solutions for your valuable goods – LOG-IN Int. Spedition will work in co-operation with you to provide custom security concepts or will call on its high-security standards which have been tested over the course of decades and which are continually refined. We are of course always up-to-date with the latest technology. We have specially developed high-security vehicles at our disposal. We use patented anti-theft and locking technology. And we train our drivers and employees continually and systematically. That’s why we can guarantee the maximum degree of security for your valuable goods.

LOG-IN - High Security Haulage.

Individuelle Sicherheitskonzepte und Werttransporte

Training, Education, Audits – Centred Around People.

People are at the centre of all of our security concepts. The best technology is worth nothing if it isn’t properly used. That’s why education, constant training and audits form a considerable part of the LOG-IN security strategy: from operating the technology to situational reaction training right up to comprehensive mastery of the vehicle. For this we rely on professionals: our employees’ security training is carried out by our co-operation partner, CSM. Professionally assisted by current security technology and standards which are also partly used in personal security.

LOG-IN - Security from the Very Start.

Emergency Situations and Interventions: Automatic Processes for Emergency Cases.

The LOG-IN security concept includes automatic processes which can trigger an alarm even without any communication between the security centre and employees or drivers. In this way, one of the following example situations would result in the security centre being informed:

  • The driver deviates from the prescribed route
  • The tractor unit and trailer are separated
  • The trailer’s roller shutter is opened without authorisation
  • Sensors detect unusual movements in the trailer

As you can see, we have systematically developed our security concepts over the years and can justifiably claim today that the Log-In security standards are unrivalled in the haulage, transport and logistics business.With LOG-IN you are always on the safe side.

LOG-IN – We’ve Thought of Everything

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