Express Transportation

Immediate. Fast. Secure.

Express Transportation: Always Ready to Deliver.

Many deliveries require quick transportation. Without detours. Directly from A to B. It doesn’t always have to be a 40-ton truck. LOG-IN’s Transporters get through traffic more quickly and always deliver on time. Bank on an unbroken supply chain.

LOG-IN - Quicker Deliveries.

Document Transportation and Permanent Ability to Deliver

Ideal for transporting documents (e.g. revenue stamps, customs papers etc.): delivery by Transporter. This saves time and money. This method is also better for smaller deliveries (up to 750 kg) thanks to higher speeds and using roads which are inaccessible to trucks.

Delivery bottlenecks are a thing of the past. Our Transporters are always ready to go for you. One quick call and your goods are on the way.

All Transporters are equipped with the same level of modern technology as our trucks. That’s why we can also guarantee the highest levels of quality and security for our express transportation too.

LOG-IN - We Always Deliver.

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